About Us

What is flutur?

Flutur, (translates to “Butterfly”) was started with foundations derived from the famous ‘Chaos Theory’ wherein lies a phenomenon commonly known as ‘The Butterfly Effect’. We believe that even the tiniest & most random act of kindness by a single person, has the potential to create a cascading, colossal impact further down in the timeline of all mankind.

Flutur was started in December 2017, with an aim to create a multitude of mobile and web products that can be used for free! These products are largely focused (but not limited to) on raising money by alternative means i.e. without having users spend actual money. All funds are donated to fund frugal innovations, social projects by NGOs and individuals that are working to uplift society in their own special way. These low-cost, easy-to-use products have a unique twist to them which potentially make them powerful drivers of change today. A single user of our first product, Flutur New Tab can raise money in a day enough to plant a tree, with zero effort from their side. By extension, 1000 users would collectively be able to raise funds to plant a forest of 1000 trees every single day! It is a completely free way for users to help those who need it and it takes only a few seconds to start!

Who are we?

Flutur was started by 3 passionate individuals that occupied busy roles in different tech startups in Bangalore, India, each having a strong inclination towards applying their acquired skills and knowledge from the tech industry to create an impact on the social front. More and more time was being spent behind laptops at their workplace, and so, the idea of utilizing this otherwise unutilized time by busy people similar to us, to actually do some good in this world, was born.

To this end, the first tech product Flutur New Tab, a Chrome Extension which raises funds when users open new tabs and view non-intrusive advertisements was created. These funds are then donated to NGOs and projects that have created a significant impact on society.

Mallika Priya Khullar

Stanford University  •  Amazon  •  Tinystep

Joel John Koshy

MSRIT Bangalore  •  Spoyl  •  Tinystep

Rahul Mallapur

IIT Bombay  •  Zynga • Tinystep

Our team has expanded to also include like minded, spirited interns and volunteers that are working towards making this dream a reality.

Akanksha Thapa

Social Media Influencer

Shefali Ahuja

Social Media Influencer

Akansha Chowdhry

Content Savant

Rhishita Das

Content Savant

Aniketh Baghoriya

Social Media Influencer

Apoorva Patnaik

Content Savant

Nidhi Koli

Android Developer

Sharanjyot Singh

Android Developer

Shah Viram Bhadreshbhai

Android Developer

Parikshit Verma

Web Developer

Varsha Sachan

Web Developer

Ishita Mehta

Social Media Influencer

Urmita Chowdhury

Content Savant

Sreemoyee Mukherjee

Content Savant

Aman Dewan

Social Media Influencer

Radha Berry

Social Media Influencer

Simmy Singh

Design Ninja

Arun Kumar S

Design Ninja


Content Media Savant

Nikhil Kodela

Social Media Influencer

Our Advisors

Flutur is advised by experienced industry experts and founders that are devoted to help make its vision come true, in the best possible manner and implementation.

Suhail Abidi

CEO, Tinystep •  Stanford GSB  •  IIT Kanpur

Dr. Ruplekha Khullar

Professor of Philoshophy, Delhi University

Latha Iyer

Director, Donut Labs and Research  •  Stanford University

Which type of NGOs do we collaborate with?

Flutur has started off with a goal of targeting NGOs and individuals that implement frugal (low cost) innovations and improvements in the rural reaches of India. Due to the low cost of production and implementation of such innovations, we believe that this initial focus will be the best way to bring out the true potential that lies behind an idea like flutur even during our initial stages. The focus will be directed towards larger projects as soon as the growth of the organization hits our predefined threshold.

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