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15 DIY Houseplant Ideas That Indians Will Love To Try

Gardening is fast emerging as the go-to hobby for the modern urban youth. While it sounds like a demanding pastime because of the rigorous hard work, immense patience and careful precision that it involves, gardening can actually be a great way to detox and decompress after a taxing day. Gardening also helps you do a small bit towards ameliorating the environment. Besides, plants brighten and cheer up apartments like nothing else.

Despite these swell reasons to pick up a shovel and start planting, a lot of people shy away from doing so, due to a principal problem which affects many urbanites – lack of space. However, the advent and popularisation of the DIY spirit has opened various innovative avenues for gardening lovers to overcome this major setback.

Here, we’ve compiled some awesome ways by which you can spruce up your homes.
Use wine bottles as planters
Source: Pinterest
Why discard empty wine bottles when you can make them into beautiful planters like these?

Plus, you can upcycle them into self-watering planters too.
Source: Pinterest
To make these, you’ll have to cut up your old wine bottles into two halves, the section with the neck of the bottle being shorter than the body. Now, take about 25cm of string and tie it to a piece of wire mesh. Attach this to the ring of the bottle and then place the neck upside down in the other half. Place your sapling in the neck and fill it with soil and water. Et voila! Your self-irrigating wine bottle planter is ready.

Alternatively, you can also make these self-irrigation planters using throwaway plastic bottles.
Source: Pinterest
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Mason jar planters
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Clear glass jars like mason jars can be great quirky alternatives if you don’t want to go for earthen pots. You can even paint them if you wish.
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Repurpose old light bulbs
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To repurpose old incandescent bulbs into unique mini-planters, simply remove the filament and place the plant inside the light bulb, along with soil and water. You can hang the light bulb planters with a thick rope or you can mount them on a stand.
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Succulent frames
Source: Pinterest
Make a gorgeous vertical succulent garden using an old frame! Saves space whilst jazzing up a boring monochromatic wall.
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Turn your old aquarium into a brand new terrarium
Source: Bioattic
Terrariums are the new craze among avid horticulturalists. They are basically mini-gardens or tiny ecosystems. The fun part is that they’re extremely easy and simple to make.

Take an old glass container with an open top, like a fish bowl or an old aquarium. Firstly, fill the container with rocks and pebbles; this will act as the drainage layer. Next, sprinkle some activated charcoal over this layer; this will help in preventing bacterial infestation. Add soil next, and then you’re welcome to plant anything in your DIY terrarium, ranging from tropical plants, ferns to cacti and succulents.

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Railing planters
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Using railing planters is another way to avoid the pesky problem of space. You can fasten these to the railings of your balcony or the grill of your windows, thereby leaving you with a sufficient room.
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Grow bean sprouts in a jar
Source: Pinterest
Grow nutritious, pesticide-free bean sprouts at home by soaking moist beans in a jar.
Egg shells as fertilizers
Source: Pinterest
Egg shells are natural fertilisers which enrich the soil with calcium, essential for plant cells’ growth and development.
Vertical gardens
Source: Pinterest
Beat the frustrating space crunch problem with these marvellous vertical garden ideas!
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Grow tulips in a vase
Source: Pinterest
Avoid all the hassles associated with soil preparation and turning by growing tulips in vases.
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A herb garden using teacups
Source: Pinterest
Broken and old tea cups could serve as adorable planters for small herbs and succulents.
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Your plants could use some coffee too
Source: Pinterest
Reuse your coffee grinds as an organic composting agent. Coffee is an excellent source of nitrogen for plants and also functions as a pest repellent.
Avocado pits
Source: Pinterest
Did you know that you could grow an avocado tree just by using the pit which you were going to throw away?
Cement planters
Source: Pinterest
Make beautiful flower pots and vases using cement. Not only will they give a cool rustic look to your interiors but also serve as more robust and ecologically sustainable alternatives to fragile earthen ones.
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Wine cork magnetic planters
Source: Pinterest
Recycle wine corks into beautiful tiny planters! Attaching magnet at the back turn them into chic fridge magnets.

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Incorporating some of these home gardening tricks will surely help you in dolling up your apartment, but in an ecologically viable and inexpensive manner.

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