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8 Must-Follow Instagram Pages Of Indian NGOs

With most folks ditching Facebook for Instagram, the image-sharing app has become the new youth station nowadays. Its predominant focus on visual media has also made it a powerful medium for disseminating information. Hence, most NGOs have also migrated to Instagram too.

If you’re on the lookout for some awesome non-profits to follow on Instagram, here’s a list of some of the most actively-posting Indian NGOs:
1. Wildlife SOS
Started with the objective of rescuing and rehabilitating dancing bears in India, this NGO has now broadened their scope to cover all animals in distress. Their Instagram profile is filled with breathtakingly beautiful photographs and videos of extremely adorable animals which are sure to liven up your day! Moreover, they share various animal rescue stories and provide interesting tidbits about the animals in their shelters, giving people an intimate glance into their daily lives.
2. Project Nanhi Kali
If you’re interested in furthering female education, Nanhi Kali’s Instagram profile should be of interest to you. They have been industriously working towards ensuring that every girl child is given the right to education. They frequently organise awareness campaigns and have recently roped in chess grandmaster Tania Sachdev to support their Powerless Queen campaign.
3. CRY – Child Rights and You
Child Rights and You, as the name suggests, is an NGO that primarily deals with child welfare and empowerment. Their Instagram profile is stocked with pictures of and sometimes, by, children. They hosted a kids’ photowalk a short while back and the photos taken during it showcase the children’s amazing talent.
4. Goonj
Goonj primarily concerns itself with bringing urban amenities to rural areas. Goonj uses Instagram as a platform to portray how they are helping underprivileged sections of the society and to provide updates as to when and where they plan to organise donation camps. So, if you have plenty of unused items lying idle at home and would like to donate them, you should definitely follow Goonj.
5. Pratham Education Foundation
Pratham Foundation has been striving hard to better the status of educational development in India. Among their inspiring initiatives include distributing tablets to impoverished children. Pratham’s Instagram page is a montage of happy faces of those enriched by their invaluable programmes, interspersed with thought-provoking facts and information.
6. SlumSoccer
SlumSoccer aims to uplift lives of pavement dwellers through the common language of football. It is an absolute delight to go through their pictures of children, carefree and laughing, their only thought on how they’re going to score the winning goal.
7. Friendicoes
Friendiocoes is the ultimate destination for you if you’re looking for pictures of some adorable furbabies! Friendiocoes is a Delhi-based NGO which seeks to bring attention to the plight of stray animals in India. Their Instagram profile features frequent appeals for adoption of the animals in their shelter. If you’re looking to add a canine or a feline member to your family, please do check them out first.
8. Muskurahat Foundation
The Muskurahat Foundation has a very simple objective – to bring a smile to everybody’s face. Their page offers a glimpse into the activities they arrange to spread happiness and joy in the lives of those who are ordinarily deprived of it. It is a delight to look at their posts and the radiant smiles will surely brighten anyone’s feed.
9. Flutur
If you would like to know about charity arcades or about how Justin Bieber’s indirect act of philanthropy raised $1000 and other delicious morsels of info like this, head over to Flutur’s Instagram handle. You won’t be disappointed!

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