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My conributions

How do I donate?

  • At the end of a week, you will get an option to donate to a cause
  • The cause would be the one which you selected at the beginning of the week
  • Make sure you continue to donate every week!
  • How much do I contribute by opening a tab?

  • The amount presently varies between 0.1 to 0.25 paise per tab
  • On an average, a person opens 25 tabs a day. The resulting amount is enough to feed 7 meals to an underprivileged child
  • When does my contribution reach NGOs?

  • Flutur will make a donation towards the NGOs and charitable causes at the end of quarters
  • We calculate the total funds raised for each cause, and then equally divide those amongst the partner NGOs of that cause
  • How are the NGOs selected?

  • NGO should be registered, should have a valid 12A, and their accounts should be audited over at least the last 2 years
  • Presently we are working only with NGOs based in India
  • How can I play a larger role?

  • You are a true samaritan! You could start with getting more of your friends to use the chrome app. Do keep checking our homepage for new projects - we need people like you to help us reach out to more people.
  • General

    How do I whitelist this website on my adblocker?

  • Click Adblock extention in your browser
  • Click on “don’t run on pages from this domain” or "don't run on this site"
  • How can I view relevant ads?

    Ads are completely sourced from a third party provider. Do get in touch with us if you see irrelevant ads.

    Can I sign up without Google or Facebook?

    Not yet. Presently we uniquely identify you based on your google or facebook id. We need to save your past donations, preferences and make those available across devices.

    What information does Flutur collect?

    We only save your name, email and google/facebook id. We will never share any details.
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